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Macè - Pesto fresco

The Allink Design studio oversaw the design of the new line of Macè pesto, a revolutionary brand that has overturned the concept of food preservation with HPP technology, the High Pressure Processing which maintains the flavor, color and vitamins of fruit and vegetables at excellent levels, otherwise sacrificed if cooked or pasteurized.

A concentrate of taste and color in the different pesto recipes, a lively and appetizing color palette designed to stand out on the shelf and become unforgettable. The color of the product that can be glimpsed through the semi-transparent trays becomes dominant on the cover, decisive and appetizing.

Intended for Italian and foreign supermarkets, Macè pestos are a tribute to the spread of the excellence of Italian cuisine around the world.

Technology at the service of health, product design at the service of quality cuisine and communication.




Packaging Design

Label Design

3D rendering

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