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Isabel Lima

The photographic book which contains the works of Isabel Lima is designed to enhance the beauty and strength of his photographs.

The Brazilian photographer author of the cover of the album Anime Salve by Fabrizio de Andrè, their choice by himself for the ability to analyze the feminine soul and the beauty of women, collected in one volume the most 'representative shots of his career . His images are shouting a complaint against violence against women, and they want to pierce the veil of indifference that often surrounds it.

The colors, black, white, red, and style you choose to dress this publication will enhance the strength. Stiff cover and glossy pages will complement the communication effectiveness.


Fabrizio de André said of her:

" The beauty of a woman is an intolerable scandal

for those who survive chained to the world.

There are those who do not bear this light

and try to extinguish it with violence.

So in the dark shades of Isabel Lima's pictures

women offer themselves and defend themselves by a

scarring and killing love. "


Isabel Lima



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