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ALLINK design  has been specializing in design, packaging and graphics design for over 18 years.


It has been one of the first Italian design studios to choose the 3D modeling technology in order to give shape to its insights into the world of cosmetics packaging and perfumery, considering bottles and jars as a sculpture. It combines a deep knowledge of industry with a pure passion for  beauty and aesthetic, applying their various aspects to the world of communication and advertising.


Allinkdesign is the ideal partner in the development of a product, from logo creation to the marketing through the preliminary study of  visualing,using expecially  three-dimensional rendering, following customer's necessities step by step  from prototypes to final production.


Allink offers a full range of consultancy and design services, from brand development to specific design work for premium brands.


+ Logotype
+ Art Direction

+ Creative Direction
+ Naming
+ Slogan
+ Stationery
+ Brand Guidelines


+ Packaging
+ Illustration
+ Graphic design
+ Corporate design

+ Iconography
+ Advertising
+ Copywriting


+ 3D render
+ Product prototipation
+ Mockup


+ Video making
+ Video editing
+ Animation
+ Digital design
+ Sound design
+ Photography


Elena Pandin
Co-Founder | Designer

Graphic designer, 3D Artist and Creative Director, she loves to turn into 3D tecnique every shape she can imagine, but not before having drawn them in pencil on a piece of paper. She is a woman with a fiery temper and she doesn't like to be criticized: but you better not pointing it out!

Personal quote: "I saw an angel in the marble and I carved until it is free" Michelangelo

Luca Bernasconi
 Co-Founder | Designer

Graphic designer, 3D Artist and Art Director, has been rolling in the world of graphic design for over 20 years.

He has got a strong perseverance, but try to ask him for a logo in Comic Sans font and you will be able to see him lose his temper.

Personal quote: "talk about a dream try to make it real" B. Springsteen

Davide Bernasconi
Visual Designer | Video Maker 

Videomaker, Editor, Director and Photographer, he has been joining Allink since 2014. He always follows the perfect light, to capture the framing 'of life'..

He isn't afraid of anything.. maybe except for the customer looking for 'a very simple little thing' :)

Personal quote: "Laugh and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone." Park Chan-wook

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