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Katy Perry Parfum

The studio developed the design of the first fragrance of the American singer KatyPerry.

The image of the bottle is in the form of a stylist cat with eyes like oval jewels, colored in metallic shades of lavender.

The full pack, covered with a deep and mysterious purple has been enriched by the study of a pendant in the shape of heart placed around the neck of the bottle, which can 'be worn as a ring or added to a necklace. The Purr logo, designed specifically for the brand refers to feline tail, and is embossed in shiny metal heart


The advertising poster, signed by Miles Aldridge, shows the famous pop star dressed in a pink and purple latex cat suit playing with a huge ball of wool. 

It was used for the ad campaign and for the full color sleeve that covers the secondary packaging.




3D render

Preliminar sketches

Press Release

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